Managing Data with HAWQ

This chapter provides information about manipulating data and concurrent access in HAWQ.

  • Basic Data Operations

    This topic describes basic data operations that you perform in HAWQ.

  • About Database Statistics

    An overview of statistics gathered by the ANALYZE command in HAWQ.

  • Concurrency Control

    This topic discusses the mechanisms used in HAWQ to provide concurrency control.

  • Working with Transactions

    This topic describes transaction support in HAWQ.

  • Loading and Unloading Data

    The topics in this section describe methods for loading and writing data into and out of HAWQ, and how to format data files.

  • Using PXF with Unmanaged Data

    HAWQ Extension Framework (PXF) is an extensible framework that allows HAWQ to query external system data. 

  • HAWQ InputFormat for MapReduce

    MapReduce is a programming model developed by Google for processing and generating large data sets on an array of commodity servers. You can use the HAWQ InputFormat option to enable MapReduce jobs to access HAWQ data stored in HDFS.