The gp_configuration_history table contains information about system changes related to fault detection and recovery operations. The HAWQ fault tolerance service logs data to this table, as do certain related management utilities such as hawq init. For example, when you add a new segment to the system, records for these events are logged to gp_configuration_history. If a segment is marked as down by the fault tolerance service in the gp_segment_configuration catalog table, then the reason for being marked as down is recorded in this table.

The event descriptions stored in this table may be helpful for troubleshooting serious system issues in collaboration with HAWQ support technicians.

This table is populated only on the master. This table is defined in the pg_global tablespace, meaning it is globally shared across all databases in the system.

Table 1. pg_catalog.gp_configuration_history

column type references description
time timestamp with time zone   Timestamp for the event recorded.
desc text   Text description of the event.
registration_order integer   The registration order of a segment. May be changed after restarting the master.
hostname text   The hostname of a segment