Getting Started with HAWQ


This tutorial provides a quick introduction to get you up and running with your HAWQ installation. You will be introduced to basic HAWQ functionality, including cluster management, database creation, and simple querying. You will also become acquainted with using the HAWQ Extension Framework (PXF) to access and query external HDFS data sources.


Ensure that you have a running HAWQ 2.x single or multi-node cluster. You may choose to use a:


This guide includes the following content and exercises:

Lesson 1: Runtime Environment - Examine and set up the HAWQ runtime environment.
Lesson 2: Cluster Administration - Perform common HAWQ cluster management activities.
Lesson 3: Database Administration - Perform common HAWQ database management activities.
Lesson 4: Sample Data Set and HAWQ Schemas - Download tutorial data and work files, create the Retail demo schema, load data to HDFS.
Lesson 5: HAWQ Tables - Create and query HAWQ-managed tables.
Lesson 6: HAWQ Extension Framework (PXF) - Use PXF to access external HDFS data.