The pg_stat_last_operation table contains metadata tracking information about database objects (tables, views, etc.).

Table 1. pg_catalog.pg_stat_last_operation

column type references description
classid oid pg_class.oid OID of the system catalog containing the object.
objid oid any OID column OID of the object within its system catalog.
staactionname name   The action that was taken on the object.
stasysid oid pg_authid.oid A foreign key to pg_authid.oid.
stausename name   The name of the role that performed the operation on this object.
stasubtype text   The type of object operated on or the subclass of operation performed.
statime timestamp with timezone   The timestamp of the operation. This is the same timestamp that is written to the HAWQ server log files in case you need to look up more detailed information about the operation in the logs.