Server Configuration Parameter Reference

This section describes all server configuration guc/parameters that are available in HAWQ.

Configuration guc/parameters are located in $GPHOME/etc/hawq-site.xml. This configuration file resides on all HAWQ instances and is managed either by Ambari or by using the hawq config utility. On HAWQ clusters installed and managed by Ambari, always use the Ambari administration interface, and not hawq config, to configure HAWQ properties. Ambari will overwrite any changes made using hawq config.

You can use the same configuration file cluster-wide across both master and segments.

Note: While postgresql.conf still exists in HAWQ, any parameters defined in hawq-site.xml will overwrite configurations in postgresql.conf. For this reason, we recommend that you only use hawq-site.xml to configure your HAWQ cluster.

Note: If you install and manage HAWQ using Ambari, be aware that any property changes to hawq-site.xml made using the command line could be overwritten by Ambari. For Ambari-managed HAWQ clusters, always use the Ambari administration interface to set or change HAWQ configuration properties.